What Others Say

Since we launched in 2009, Dark Mountain has received attention from various parts of the media, printed and online, and has popped up on websites, radio programmes and the like.

Below we’ve listed some of the responses to our work that we’ve come across. We’re always interested to hear of any reactions we’ve missed.

The Project

‘We were learning how to become grown-ups.’ Aeon Magazine is faintly bemused by Dark Mountain. September 2012

‘Dark Mountain … is about facing the reality of the matter.’ Stir magazine reviews the Project three years in. August 2012

‘Sharing stories is at the heart of the Dark Mountain Project’ – The Irish Times on Dark Mountain. January 2012

‘This engagement of narratives in re-imagining and shifting the way we live drew my attention’ – Jeppe Graugaard writes about Dark Mountain and academia. January 2012

‘The Dark Mountain project tells us the things we don’t want to hear, and it is a no-nonsense Zen-like response to the ‘age of ecocide’ that our civilisation is causing.’ The Huffington Post interviews Paul Kingsnorth. October 2011

‘I cannot make the leap that Dark Mountain demands’ – George Monbiot takes issue with the Project in the Guardian. May 2010

‘All we did was give it a name. Where it goes next is anybody’s guess’ – Paul Kingsnorth explains Dark Mountain in The Guardian. April 2010

‘It may be the most honest attempt at literature we’ve seen – and that alone marks it as a kind of success we have been lacking’ – Sharon Astyk on Dark Mountain. February 2010

‘A root-and-branch challenge to the foundations of a culture of consumption’ – Boyd Tonkin writes about Dark Mountain in The Independent. November 2009

Dark Mountain publications

‘Dark Mountain is a radical project, and a brilliant one, capable of opening your eyes in the encircling twilight.’ The Journal of Wild Culture reviews book 3, December 2012

‘It appears that the editors are first and foremost trying to change mainstream thought processes: not easy to do and frequently unappreciated.’ – The Ecologist reviews Dark Mountain book 2. August 2011

‘The stimulus of Dark Mountain transports many of us into a deeper paradigm of seeing and being’ –Alastair McIntosh reviews Dark Mountain book 1. June 2010

‘This slim pamphlet aims to demolish contemporary beliefs about progress, industrialism and the place of human beings on the planet, and up to a point it succeeds’ – John Gray reviews our manifesto in the New Statesman. September 2009.

Dark Mountain events

‘There’s a conscious focus on thoughtlessness.’ The Journal of Wild Culture  finds what it was looking for at our final festival. August 2013

‘Uncivilisation is no ordinary summer festival. People have come here not to escape from reality, but to face it’ – The Independent reviews Uncivilisation 2011. August 2011

‘We all need to confront our own stories we hold about the world and face reality ourselves if we are to be able to contribute to these new stories.’ Part Time Peasant reviews the 2011 festival. September 2011

‘A writer’s workshop at the end of the universe’ – Alabaster Crippens on Uncivilisation 2011. August 2011

‘Uncivilisation is back, another gathering of stories and ideas, performances and encounters’ – Dougald Hine talks to Amelia’s Magazine about Uncivilisation 2011. July 2011

‘Although I say it with some trepidation, I look forward to what the future brings’ – Amelia’s Magazine reviews Uncivilisation 2011. July 2011

‘There was a dark cloud over the sleepy Welsh town of Llangollen last month’ – CNN reviews the first Uncivilisation festival. June 2010

‘Uncivilisation was a kindling of consciousness, a communion, and a rare opportunity to begin the process of ‘reconstitution’ – OpenDemocracy on our first festival. June 2010