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Since its inception four years ago, Dark Mountain has grown many ways: four (soon to be five) beautifully published hardback books, three festivals, an LP, and an increasing number of  local happenings. Through all this, the website and blog have run as an online strand that binds these elements together, and great writing has been published here. However, the blog has never had its own editor, someone to actively seek out and commission new submissions, or to proofread and edit material with the same attention to quality as the books themselves. That changes now!

From this month, I’ll be taking on the role of editor of the Dark Mountain blog. I’ve been closely involved with the project from the start, having been a contributor, festival participant and now co-editor of the books, and I’m excited to see the blog improve and grow, mutate and change, through the winter ahead and into the new year.

What kind of work are we looking for? The reinvigorated blog should reflect the diversity of the books by including a mixture of essays, articles, fiction, poetry, artwork, interviews, book reviews and other things that defy comfortable definition — a balance between art and politics, philosophy and practice. Obviously, we are interested in ‘uncivilised’ writing and art: writing and art that challenges the myths of our civilisation, writing and art that’s ecocentric, rooted in time and place, writing and art that’s created with dirt under the fingernails (see the ‘Eight Principles of Uncivilisation’ at the end of the Manifesto).

Paul Kingsnorth sums it up nicely: ‘When I have to remind myself what we are doing and why, I remind myself that we should aim to be at least ten years ahead of the discussion that everybody else is having, and we need to be entirely unafraid to say things which nobody else is saying.’

Other than this general guide, what’s published is up to you. We’re aiming for one new post a week, so are greedily seeking contributors both new and old. Send ideas and submissions (and suggestions for potential contributors you really think we should be getting in touch with) to me at my impressive new editorial address:


In anticipation,


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