Talking crises with Pat Kane

Dark Mountain has always been about starting conversations, rather than pushing an ideological line. Conversations that start with questions like “What do we do when stuff we take for granted breaks down?” The kinds of questions which become increasingly relevant as the latest round of financial chaos continues to unwind.

UNCIVILISATION 2010, the Dark Mountain Festival, is a chance to invite more people into those conversations. It’s not intended as a one-off event, though, but as part of an ongoing, rolling discourse that moves backwards and forwards between ideas and actions. I shared one example of that yesterday, the interview with Vinay Gupta which we’ll be publishing in Dark Mountain Vol.1, in which he invites us to consider the prospect of a future in which “we’re all Mexicans”.

Here’s another example – a session which Vinay and I recorded earlier this week with Pat Kane (author of The Play Ethic – and frontman of Hue & Cry!), Mike Bennett of risk consultants Buttered Side Down and psychologist Alex Fradera. This was part of The Agora, a series we’re recording at Brixton Village.

Pat was due to discuss the Digital Economy Bill and the broader crisis of the music industry – but as that morning’s headlines were about the crisis in Greece, we soon found ourselves discussing the parallels between the two situations, and the lessons from Brixton Village itself. The result may be a bit obscure in places, but hopefully it gives some sense of the flow of ideas in this corner of the Dark Mountain network.

Join in the conversation on the UNCIVILISATION Network – or in the flesh in Llangollen next month.

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