The Wrong Side of Seeing


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What lies between our origin and our destination?
Rushing from Point A to Point B,
Entire epochs flash by in the blink of an eye.
But if we don’t blink?

We are privy to privvies.
Ugly views submerged in the urgency of Time.
Through sealed windows and smudged glass,
Nothing to see, yet there’s always something before us,
Even if it’s the things not meant to be looked at.

Decaying factories and billboards locked in aphasia,
Dumpsters and portable toilets,
Parking lots and powerlines.
Infrastructure. Effluvia. The occasional man.

Traveling along the clattering spine of civilization,
We see not the face of the world, full of promise and deceit,
But the back of its head.
Nothing to meet our impertinent gaze and nothing to gaze back at us.
We find ourselves on the wrong side of seeing.

Paul Cantagallo is a writer who lives Mt. Airy, Philadelphia with his forever-girlfriend and some animals. A distinguished graduate of Harvard University, he’s since held a series of undistinguished posts as a tea lady in Cambridge, England, filmmaker in Brooklyn, server in Los Angeles, property manager in Manhattan, leaf-collector in New Jersey, and most recently paralegal in Philadelphia.

Daniel Cantagallo studied visual art and filmmaking at Harvard University. Whenever necessary, he photographs nothing in particular. He has worked in the documentary field in New York, London, and Los Angeles. He is currently trying to stay put. 
The brothers’ work can be found at:

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