Get Involved

‘We shall make the pilgrimage to the poet’s Dark Mountain, to the great, immovable, inhuman heights which were here before us and will be here after, and from their slopes we shall look back upon the pinprick lights of the distant cities and gain perspective on who we are and what we have become.’

from Uncivilisation: the Dark Mountain Manifesto

The Dark Mountain Project began as a conversation between two people who barely knew each other. It grew into a manifesto that carried strands of that conversation out into the world, to places we never expected. But it became real only when others started to respond to those beginnings.

At its origin, this project remains a tiny organisation, powered by passion and usually short on money. We are sometimes overwhelmed by the strength of the response that it has generated, but we know that Dark Mountain stands or falls on the involvement of those who are inspired by it.

If you’re inspired by what we’re doing and you want it to go on, the most direct form of support you can give us is to subscribe to the Dark Mountain books. (Alternatively, you’re also welcome to send donations.)

But whether or not you can offer financial support, the most powerful thing you can do is to help us spread the word by talking to people about the project, whether through online networks or in the flesh.

If you want to meet others who are thinking along similar lines, then look out for Dark Mountain events in your part of the world. We send out announcements about events through our mailing list. You can also keep in touch online through our Facebook page.

If you’re a writer or artist, we are always looking for new work that might find a home in our books.

In this section, you’ll find more information about these and other ways to get involved.