Ava Osbiston

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Ava Osbiston came to the Dark Mountain Project whilst studying for her degree in Environmental sciences at the University of East Anglia, via a group that regularly met in Norwich: ‘The Dark Marshes’ (there are no mountains in Norfolk). She subsequently wrote her undergraduate dissertation as a case study of the project looking at the roles of artists as transformative agents in the face of environmental crises. Since 2015, she has been the Editorial Assistant for the Dark Mountain books, responsible for receiving and sorting all the submissions. She has also helped to coordinate our events and book launches over the last few years. In 2018, she joined the Dark Mountain Collective, the group responsible for the long-term course of the project.

Ava is fascinated with creativity in its rawest and most authentic forms and plays improvised soundscapes, sings with band TODDLER, paints abstract colourful paintings and makes up-cycled one off crafts and costume (Website link to follow). She is currently based in the City of Bristol but her home is Dartmoor; specifically the lush green valley of the river Teign.