Dougald Hine


Dougald is co-founder and managing editor of Dark Mountain.

In September 2007, he read a blog post by a writer called Paul Kingsnorth, announcing his intention to quit journalism. It struck a chord: a year earlier, he had walked away from a career in BBC newsrooms, and he had a sense that he and Paul were converging on certain shared desires. A desire for a different kind of writing to that celebrated in the literary pages of the newspapers, and a desire for a different kind of conversation about the deep crises that surround us. So he sent Paul an email, which became a conversation over several pints of beer, which became a manifesto and then a lot of other things.

Dougald is fascinated by the process by which an idea comes to life, the journey from dreams to responsibilities. Alongside Dark Mountain, he has been one of the initiators of projects including School of Everything, a web startup inspired by the informal learning experiments of the 60s and 70s; the utopian regeneration agency, Spacemakers; and Redrawing the Maps, a week-long ‘free school’ inspired by the life and work of John Berger.

He left England in 2012 and is slowly arriving in Sweden, from where he continues to take an active role in the running of Dark Mountain.

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