Emily Wilkinson


Emily Wilkinson is an artist-maker and wordsmith who works in mixed-media, textiles and words. Through emphasising sense of touch she explores the poetic relationship between materiality and language, constantly exploring a visual-tactile-verbal connection.

Recurrent themes in her practice are place, environment, emotion, journeys and transformation. Rich textures and surfaces inspire her; those that are weathered, worked and worn. The raw edges present in Emily’s work suggest an organic and wild engagement with the world, in making and living.

The transition from city life to living rurally in the last two years has been a fundamental step in establishing her practice. She loves to walk and gather inspiration from the natural world. Wherever possible Emily uses recycled, re-purposed and natural materials. In a world dominated by consumerism, she feel that making things by hand (in harmony with nature) is key to building a resilient and creative future.

Emily has exhibited at An Tallas Solais in Ullapool, at Calgary Arts on the Isle of Mull and at Twenty Twenty Gallery in Shropshire. Her work has also been published in Earthlines magazine and she has recently self published her first pamphlet of visual poetry.

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