Gregory Norminton


Gregory Norminton is a novelist, translator and university lecturer. His novels include The Ship of Fools, Arts and Wonders, Ghost Portrait (in part about the historical Diggers) and Serious Things. His most ‘Dark Mountain’ books are a collection of aphorism, The Lost Art of Losing, and a collection of short stories, Thumbnails. A second book of stories, The Ghost Who Bled, develops his literary concerns with the ecological crisis, and a new novel, The Devil’s Highway, goes further still, which is why no one will want to buy it.

Gregory’s environmentalism, now dourly anthropocentric, began with a passion for conservation, and in 2005 he spent a summer with the WWF, a film crew and Irrawaddy dolphins, leatherback turtles and orangutans, none of which species is any better off for his interventions. Since 2011 he has taught creative writing at Manchester Metropolitan University, and he lives with his wife Emma and their daughter Clara in Sheffield.

Gregory is at base camp on the Dark Mountain, hoping against hope that he won’t have to go any higher, but full of admiration for those climbing to the summit. He fears the view from up there.


Photo: Copyright, Kezia Tan, 2013