Matt Wicking


Matt Wicking is a writer of words, maker of music and singer for The General Assembly.

His songs have been described as everything from ‘bewitching…imaginative and evocative’ (Inpress) to ‘f***ing great’ (Amanda Palmer – Dresden Dolls).

Matt’s work is grounded in an awareness of the human connection with nature, and the emotional and psychological challenges of living through a time of great change. He explores the way in which art and creativity can both reflect and help us to deal with the significant challenges we face.

Beyond the band, Matt writes under the moniker Huckleberry Mockingbird, with a blog acting as clearing house for prose, poetry and other creative output.

It was fitting to have The General Assembly’s music published as part of the Dark Mountain Project’s second book, with the cultural movement acting as such a positive source of inspiration for the band’s debut CD, Dark Mountain Music. Matt also performed at the second and the final Uncivilisation festivals.

The General Assembly

Huckleberry Mockingbird