Patrik Qvist


Jack-of-all-trades, master of none is how Patrik sometimes describes himself.

His work over recent years has spanned from designing a park for bio-fuels, small private gardens and high-end commercial showrooms with sheets of birch-bark from northernmost Sweden.

His work as a visual artist has primarily dealt with exploring a point in time and space just before things fall apart– be it shacks on the verge of collapse or a world increasingly beset by systems slowly grinding to a halt. Some of the work on shacks was published in the anthologies “Uncertain Rooms” (2007) and “Skjul” (2011).His most recent work focuses on how the line between natural and man-made catastrophies is becoming increasingly blurred. The performance / action / video project “Attempts” is a way to explore this region of inbetwixt; the attempts are staged in landscapes prone to natural and/ or man-made disasters where the artist sets out to save himself by a very direct interaction with the elements.

A former resident of all 5 boroughs in NYC and sunny Andalucia, Patrik now lives in Stockholm with his wife, poet / playwright Clara Diesen, and two of his children.