Per Johansson


Per started out as an enthusiast for snakes, the more venomous and dangerous the better. He thought he was going to be a zoologist. But life had other plans. Some rather disorienting experiences of a decidedly esoteric kind made it necessary for him to delve into the world of the mind, rather than that of nature.

After a while he realised that mind and nature must be the same, in some strange way.

What to do? Well, he avoided the university as much as possible, even though he had come some way in the study of the history of science and ideas. For a living, he worked among the sick and deranged for quite a few years. Sometimes he wrote an article for some national newspaper.

He was suddenly and unexpectedly called back to the university at the rather mature age of 38, being offered a teaching position in human ecology in Lund. He then went on to get a PhD in the same subject, eventually finishing a thesis called The Lure of Origins.

In 2003 he started, with cognitive scientist and interaction designer Simon Winter, the think tank Infontology, which studies and comments on the ways in which ubiquitous digitalisation affects society and culture.

At last, in 2007, he left the university and now navigates the postmodern entrepreneurial mess as a free agent – a consultant, a writer, a speaker, a maker of radio programmes and also a project manager for the innovative tourism development network EnjoySweden.

His pod radio shows with radio journalist Eric Schüldt, Människan och maskinen (for Swedish National Radio) and Kunskapens träd (independent) have, it is rumoured, acquired something of a cult status in Sweden, among people from all walks of life.