Warren Draper


Warren first started writing in order to document his experiences of the ‘Credit Crunch’ for The Idler and has been a regular contributor to Tom Hodgkinson’s wonderful publication ever since. He is a passionate Anglarchist (English Anarchist) and much of his published work is concerned with presenting an alternative history of England which highlights an ancient and continuous thread of autonomy, self-help and mutual aid largely overlooked by ‘official’ historians.

This work led to his writing a reappraisal of The Luddites and the Myth of Progress for issue 2 of Dark Mountain, an experience which, in turn, introduced him to a whole new range of beautiful people and scary concepts – an education for which he is deeply grateful.

He has since helped organise various wonderful happenings at DM events, which in turn have led to a DM-inspired series of gatherings in his native Doncaster, known as the Tellings.

He has a (somewhat infrequent ) blog at warrendraper.wordpress.com and can be contacted directly via Twitter, where he is @warrendraper