From the Mourning of the World

When we wrote the Dark Mountain manifesto, our hope was that it would strike a chord with other writers. In fact, it travelled far further and reached groups we never anticipated. One of the most striking examples of this was when we started to hear from bands and artists who had recorded songs inspired by our words.

So it was that, in 2013, one of those artists, Marmaduke Dando, brought together a dozen of those songs by various artists in the form of the first Dark Mountain album: From the Mourning of the World. It features contributions from Chris T-T, Jon Boden, Bethia Beadman, Chris Wood, The Murder Barn and others. (There’s even a guest appearance from a member of REM.)

The album is available to buy as a vinyl LP or a download from our Bandcamp page. You can also listen to the tracks on that page, or watch this video where Marmaduke himself introduces the album…

The gatefold sleeve of the LP features specially-commissioned artwork from Rima Staines. She documented and described the journey by which it was created, step by step, on her blog:

THE WOMAN OF THE EARTH’s back bends under the dark weight of tarmac and concrete, industrial civilisation catches in its global communications net the last wild creatures, and poisoned skies choke the leaves from the last trees withstanding.
A wind blows through those last branches and through the antlers of a fleeing deer, through the hair of the Woman of the Earth, and scatters old memories of things that once lived: twigs and bird bones, seed pods and bees wings, dead leaves and fish skeletons and thistledown.
The Woman of the Earth weeps. Her sorrow for The Dying is heavier than we can know. Into her garment are stitched the ghosts of extinct species.
But from her tears grows music: music to wail and sing out and bow and strum and beat out the thrum of our griefs. And from the music grow green leaves, spiralling their new life from the alchemy of tears.