Dark Mountain: Issue 1

Dark Mountain: Issue 1

Our first book is a 248-page hardback, containing 39 articles, stories and poems and 20 colour plates. Selected highlights include:

Essays: John Michael Greer’s essay on Robinson Jeffers and the age of peak oil; Alastair McIntosh responds to the Dark Mountain manifesto; poet and novelist Glyn Hughes writes about his past as a smallholder; Jay Griffiths analyses the spirit of the English landscape; Paul Kingsnorth bids farewell to environmentalism; Anthony McCann interviews US eco-philosopher Derrick Jensen; Dougald Hine writes about the work of John Berger; Simon Fairlie exposes the dodgy reasoning behind the ‘tragedy of the commons’; Jeff Ollerton writes about science and knowing.

Fiction: two short stories from Nick Hunt (read one here); a story by Simon Lys; an extract from a novel-in-progress by Paul Kingsnorth.

Poetry: from Melanie Challenger, Mario Petrucci, Glyn Hughes, Louis Jenkins, Rob Lewis, Lewis Bassett, J. D. Whitney, William Haas and Adrienne Odasso.

Art: An exhibition of portraits by Norwegian artist Reinhardt Sobye; photographs by Christian de Sousa; a graphic tale by Daniel Ford and Mark Dixon.

Three tasters from book one: