Dark Mountain: Issue 2

Dark Mountain - Book 2

The second Dark Mountain collection was published in summer 2011. It’s a 282-page hardback with a specially-commissioned cover by Rima Staines. It includes 44 essays, poems and stories, as well as 16 colour plates.

Highlights of this issue include:

Essays: Naomi Klein writing about oil, precaution and control; Warren Draper’s real history of the Luddites; a pair of essays from Luanne Armstrong about the meaning of place and farming in Canada (read one here); John Rember on R D Laing and the false self; the last interview with the late poet Glyn Hughes; Rob Lewis and Matt Szabo on the technocratic takeover of the green movement; Dougald Hine in conversation with David Abram; Vinay Gupta on Hinduism, death and facing up to reality; an extract from Melanie Challenger’s new book ‘On Extinction.’

Fiction: two short stories by Nick Hunt; an extract from a novel by Antonio Dias; an extract from the new novel by Jay Griffiths; flash fiction from William Haas.

Poetry: from Susan Richardson and Pat Gregory, Heathcote Williams, Albert Pierce Bales, Mario Pettrucci, Joel Moore, Adrienne Odasso and Em Strang.

Art: an illustrated poem by Dan Grace and Laurence Lord; photographs from Chris T-T; illustrated poetry from Mat Osmond.

Three tasters from the book: