Dark Mountain: Issue 4

Dark Mountain: Issue 4

The fourth Dark Mountain book came out in the summer of 2013. This is a 328-page hardback with a Samuel Palmer-inspired wraparound cover by Kit Boyd. It features 47 essays, poems, stories and plays, and 20 colour plates.

Highlights of this issue include:

Essays and conversations: Dougald Hine talks to Mexican thinker Gustavo Esteva; Indian writer Narendra sends dispatches from the forgotten tribal areas of Bastar; Cody Meyocks investigates the unreal creatures of Oregon; Steve Wheeler talks to primitivist thinker John Zerzan; Dr David Fleming provides a dictionary for a crumbling world; Margaret Elphinstone takes lessons from the Roman Empire; James Cowan searches for talking words in Bornean forests; Andreas Kornevall builds a cairn for lost species; John Rember talks to the dead; Joanna Varawa climbs through the layers of history and geology on a Hawaiian volcano; Mike Edwards dreams about butterflies.

Fiction: Short stories and drama from George Brooks, Tim Fox, Eric Robertson, Sylvia Linsteadt, Alex Lusted and Christina Bodznick.

Poetry: from Mario Petrucci, Rainer Maria Rilke, Paul Kingsnorth, Susan Richardson, Roselle Angwin, William Haas, Ric A. Ohge, Charmain Leung, Jake Moran, Em Strang, Elizabeth Rimmer and others.

Art: Photographs, paintings, line drawings and collages from from Anita Hunt, Sophie Mason, Frances Cannon, Rima Staines, Jean Hess, Dan Porter, Scott Ahlf, Sara Andreasson and others.

Three tasters from the book: