Dark Mountain: Issue 6


The sixth Dark Mountain book was published  in October 2014. It’s a 270-page hardback with a bright and beautiful cover by Eunah Cho. It features 42 essays, poems, stories and plays, and 16 colour plates.

Essays and conversations:  Tom Smith thinks about the values and value of technology; Chris Smaje looks at the future of farming; Nick Stewart takes us on a tour of a changing Irish landscape; Julie Gabrielli thinks about love and change; Florence Caplow offers a Zen understanding; Charlotte Du Cann reveals her seven coats while Nick Hunt explores six deserts; Steve Wheeler dives deep; David Kenkel imagines how he might be seen in a century; Mandy Henk takes us on a tour of Greencastle, Jeppe Graugaard interviews sound artist Bernie Krause; and more.

Fiction: Zedeck Siew meets the Lordly Dragon; Neale Jones visits The Shrine; Kirsty Logan tells a strange tale of living Graces; Joan Menefee takes us to a drowning Venice; David Schuman compares tigers to squirrels; and more.

Poetry: from Kim Moore, Em Strang, John Haines, Grace Wells, Sarah Sadie, Kim Goldberg, Brian Beatty, Francisca Voeltz and others.

Art: With three colour sections, and art and illustration continuing to creep through all sections of the book, issue 6 is the most visual yet, with art, and conversations about art, from Anne-Marie Culhane, Deanne Belinoff, Patrik Qvist, Massimo Angei, Sarah Gittins, Kate Walters, Dougie Strang, Monique Besten, Corrina Ulrich, Jethro Brice, Andrew Macrae.

Three tasters from the book: