Deep Waters: Heebie-Jeebies

We continue our Deep Waters series with a poem from a newcomer to Dark Mountain, the poet Cathy McGuire.
is a writer and artist with a deep interesting in mythology and transformational experiences. Her poems have appeared in more than 160 publications – as well as on a bus, for the Poetry In Motion project.

Do you believe in oil plumes?
Or global warming? Peak everything?
A nation’s split, the hull’s two sides
move apart on these rocks.

We thought we were the iceberg.

We have a chicken’s urge to peck at things
that could crush us; a chicken’s urge
to flee into the phantom safety of a leaning board.
Safe now. As if.

I dawdle over supper on a dappled lawn,
as mowers drone, bees murmur.
This sleepy burg’s phantom safety
can’t calm the fluttering inside.


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