A Conversation on the Art of Mourning and Celebration

With contributors to Dark Mountain: issue 19

This ‘First Friday’ lunchtime discussion was hosted by art.earth, based around Dark Mountain’s upcoming ‘requiem’ issue and you can find a video of the event below.

This spring collection houses work by 60+ writers and artists who are acting as mourners and celebrants of a world that is falling apart. Its producer and art editor, Charlotte Du Cann will be speaking with two of the book’s contributors, artist Caroline Ross and poet Dom Bury about bringing our attention back to a physical and cultural engagement with the life-and- death cycles of Earth. What do we need to relinquish and what do we need to treasure in these times of upheaval? And what role does art play?

Caroline Ross will be discussing her practice, rooted in the wild and the liminal, and the generative nature of her foraged and found materials. Dom Bury will be taking us on a journey of loss, grief and renewal with his new collection Rite of Passage, set in the mythic landscape of his native Devon. Following the conversation there will be time for questions from and discussion with the audience.

Dark Mountain: issue 19 was created in collaboration with art.earth’s Borrowed Time symposium on death, dying and change,  and will be published on 15th April 2021. 


This event too place online on Zoom on Friday 2nd April 2021. For further details: https://art-earth.org.uk/first-friday-april2021/.

First Friday April 2, 2021 from art.earth on Vimeo.


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