Conversations at the End of the World

Cafe Apocalypse and Testements of Deep Time

Jack Richardson rehearsing ‘The Night Breathes Us In’, a Dark Mountain immersive performance in Reading, March 2017

Summer is here and the festival season is up and running. If you are heading West with your tent this June, don’t miss these two Dark Mountain sessions at the innovative Fire in the Mountain festival in Wales. Featuring five players from the DM ensemble – Charlotte Du Cann, Nick Hunt, Ava Osbiston, Dougie Strang and Steve Wheeler – these encounters are for all  aspiring culture-makers on the edge:

Session 1: Cafe Apocalypse – The Conversation at the End of the World Saturday 3rd June at the Forum, 1pm

Join collaborators from the Dark Mountain Project to hear about their new anthology of ‘uncivilised writing’ and to share a conversation about what happens when we stop pretending everything is fine, and start to question the stories by which we live.

 Session 2: Testaments of Deep Time Sunday 4th June at the Forum, 1pm

A collaborative workshop exploring the ‘deep time’ underlying our moment-to-moment existence in industrial civilisation. As a springboard to conversation, the Dark Mountain Project will present testaments on the time we are in, the past that anchors it, and the futures we might create together (expect performance, song, storytelling and more).


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