Dark Mountain Issue 11 Book Launch

You are invited to join us for the launch of our latest book – an anthology of essays, fiction, poetry, artwork and interviews that seek to challenge the myths our civilisation tells itself. Dark Mountain: Issue 11 takes as its premise the notion of endings – cultural, social, ecological, political existential – but recognises that things seldom end, or begin, in well-mannered ways. The work you will find in these pages explores the liminal territory between simplistic poles; an untidy realm in which some worlds appear to be ending completely, some partially, some not at all, and in which entirely new beginnings emerge from the cracks in between.

The evening will feature readings from contributors and editors, live music and outdoor participatory happenings. We are pleased to welcome you to the heart of the St. Werburghs self-build community in Bristol for our first launch in the West Country.

Tickets cost £3, and can be purchased here