Dark Ocean

Creative residency in the Hebrides with Sail Britain - 8th-15th July 2023

An experiential journey into the heart and imagination of the sea.

What role does the ocean play in our imagination? How can we become kin with the sea in an era of climate crisis and disruption?

The vast and mysterious spaces of the sea have inspired writers and artists throughout time, both the deep ocean and the teeming shoreline, especially among island nations. But what kind of regenerative work can we make, when the oceans of the world are imperilled by industrialised civilisation – by acidification, current disruption, plastic pollution, overfishing, mining, and melting ice? How can we regain an elemental relationship with the salty biome that sustains life on Earth?

Join Dark Mountain co-director Charlotte Du Cann and the Sail Britain crew on a week’s voyage to explore the ‘dark ocean’. We will be diving into the myths and narratives of the ancestral sea, connecting with the more-than-human world and our own creaturehood – keeping a log of our encounters with the fish, birds, winds, rocks and tides of the Western Isles, as well as experiencing working together as a crew, physically on deck and creatively in our hearts and imaginations.

There are 5 places for this residency.

Applicants should have an interest in working within a strong team environment in collaboration with other artists, including a willingness to discuss and share ideas, and to work together as a crew to sail the ship. The resident artists should bring any materials or equipment required for their research if applicable, but please be aware space onboard is very limited and emphasis on packing light is strongly encouraged!

Application Process: Applicants should submit a proposal no longer than 1 page detailing what they hope to explore/create during the week, and no more than 5 images (or other supporting documentation such as video, sound, or writing etc.) which outlines their practice, as a PDF (which can include links).Applications should be sent to [email protected] and [email protected], subject – Dark Ocean Residency Application + [your name]

The deadline for applications is 1st March 2023


For full details and booking: https://www.sailbritain.org/dark-ocean-residency/



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