Fierce Words

Writing as if the World Mattered

Calling all writers, artists, activists, performers, producers, campaigners, culturemakers, communicators.

How do we forge a narrative of change in an era of climate emergency: one that is not afraid to communicate hard truths and helps people stay rooted in difficult times?

Rebellion and direct action are in the air.  School children ‘climate strike’ across the globe; the public response to climate breakdown and the sixth mass extinction shifts to a new state of awareness.

What tools do we need as writers to articulate these realities at both ‘inner’ and ‘outer levels’; make meaning in times of urgency and sustain a writing practice? How do we write ‘as if the world mattered’?

During this week, we explore how to work with real life material; listen to the voices that need to be heard now (human and non-human); bear witness and speak on behalf of others and catalyse new stories. We look at the role of writers and their ‘fierce words’ to help navigate ecological calamity and restore the world.

The week will be led by Lucy Neal (co-founder of London International Festival of Theatre and author of Playing for Time) and Charlotte Du Cann (writer and editor for Dark Mountain Project), with guest writer and ‘magician of rebellion’ John Jordan.

During the week, participants are invited to create a solo piece of writing in addition to a collective work, in collaboration with others.

Cost: £600 (The cost of the course is subsidised as part of Arvon’s Learning and Participation programme)

Final date to apply Monday 6th May.

All details for application here


IMAGE: detail from ‘MAHAPRALAYA = the Great Dissolution’ by Gustaf Broms (from Dark Mountain: Issue 13)


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