In the Company of Wolves

A Dark Mountain storytelling event

In the old Gaelic calendar, am Faoilleach, ‘month of the wolf’ or ‘the wolf ravaging time’ referred to the dark, cold period between mid-January and mid-February. Now, as wolf time draws to an end and the year turns back towards the light, join Dark Mountain for a night of wintry, wolfish stories. Four storytellers – Jo Blake, Nick Hunt, Clare Murphy and Dougie Strang – invite you in from the cold for four tales of encounters between humans, wolves and other animal beings. We look forward to meeting you by the glow of the virtual hearth.

You can book tickets here.

  1. Will the stories be adult only? In my time zone, it will be the middle of the day and the kids will be awake and probably paying at least some attention.

  2. Hi Rhonda, the event is primed towards grown-ups; but talking to the storytellers, I don’t think there will be any content that’s unsuitable for children.

  3. Hi Rhonda, the stories are aimed at adults but shouldn’t be unsuitable for children as long as they’re fine with the usual mild peril of folk tales…


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