Launch of Dark Mountain: Issue 22 – ARK

Do join us for the online launch of our new autumn journal

This event has now taken place but if you missed it here is a recording of the launch (and below)


What do you keep when the storm comes in, and the tide goes out?

Our latest issue is an ARK you might not expect. Its pages carry a cargo of another sort: stories gathered from the wreckage left by a flood that has already come, art and writing that reveal the beauty, resilience and strength found in being fully alive in a troubled time.  Our seeds are collected from felled trees and activist frontlines; our disappearing creatures discovered in dreams, our artworks made with ochres from a polluted shoreline and peat from endangered bogs; with insect wings, limpet shells, unloved spruce needles, titling ocean horizons.  A hold that treasures tales about what might happen next.

This ARK  has been made in collaboration with the Wilderness Art Collective – a work of creative salvage, its cover and content pages (designed brilliantly by Graeme Walker) forged from abandoned archives and old typewriter keys.

To celebrate Dark Mountain: Issue 22’s release, we invite you to join us for an online launch on Tuesday 25th October starting at 19:30 BST. While it’s not the same as meeting in a physical space, this event does give us all a chance to see and hear contributors and editors  (and readers) from around the world.

Hope to see you there!

Dark Mountain: Issue 22 was published on 17th October. You can order from our website shop for £19.99 (plus postage) – or take out a subscription and receive the book for a reduced price.


IMAGE: Deluge (detail) by Meridel Rubenstein from ‘The Boat is a Circle’ with Joanne Grüne-Yanoff


Launch of Dark Mountain: Issue 22 – ARK from The Dark Mountain Project on Vimeo.


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