Launch of Dark Mountain: Issue 23 – Dark Kitchen

Do join us for the online celebration of our new spring journal – Thurs 20th April, 7pm BST

If you would like to watch a recording of our latest launch, the video is mow available for viewing (see below)

You can buy a copy of Dark Moumtain: Issue  23 – Dark Kitchen here

Launch of Dark Mountain: Issue 23 – Dark Kitchen from The Dark Mountain Project on Vimeo.


You are invited to join us to celebrate our latest issue, Dark Mountain: Issue 23 , a feast of stories, poetry and artwork that explore food in a time of converging ecological crises – from the devouring agricultural machine to the restorative fermenting jar.

Dark Kitchen is based on our online series that set out to document the regenerative acts of resistance happening in kitchens and fields around the world. In this book, we taste the sweet and salt, the sour and the bitter. We look deep into the belly of the beast: into the factories of ultra-processed food; into the slaughterhouse knocker box; at starvation on the Arctic sea ice; in an elite dining room where endangered animals are on the menu.

But among the clatter of our pans, we also remember the connections that nourish the living world: the wild salmon of the Atlantic and Pacific that feed the forests; the seaweed that creates a garden on a Hebridean island; the microbes that link the wild yeasts in Montana to the whiskered wheat of East Anglia to the sourdough loaves that feed a locked-down hill community in Australia. Food that makes sense of everything, even as the civilised world falls apart.

Do join us for an online launch of Dark Mountain: Issue 23 on 20th April 2023 starting at 7pm (BST). While we wish we could meet around a feasting table to break bread together and raise a glass, the event will give us a chance to see and hear contributors and editors from around the world.

Hope to see you there!


Tickets are free but you will need to book a place on EventBrite.

You can buy a copy of Dark Moumtain: Issue  23 – Dark Kitchen here


IMAGE: Place setting for ‘Refuge for Resurgence’ (detail) by Superflux


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