The Uncivilised Table – A Dark Kitchen Show

Earth Talk at Dartington, Devon, 22nd June 2023, 8pm

Join Charlotte Du Cann, Nick Hunt, Caroline Ross and Mark Watson around our convivial Dark Kitchen table, as we serve up a tasty feast of words, recipes and practices from our latest spring Issue 23 about food that makes sense of everything, even as the civilised world falls apart..

In this ‘show and tell’ we will be stirring the fermenting jar and cooking pot, grinding blue corn and foraging for salt and acorns, telling after dinner tales of eating and being eaten, and remembering a myth about agriculture’s ancient bargain with the wild world. 

Dark Kitchen looks deep into the belly of the beast, into the bitter realities of the industrial food system, from the slaughterhouse to the salmon pen, alongside the mycelial connections that nourish our bodies and minds: the microbes that link the yeasts in Montana to the whiskered wheat of East Anglia to the sourdough loaves that feed a locked-down hill community in Australia.

This presentation by Dark Mountain’s core team will give you a taste of the book and the regenerative culture it sets out to document in kitchens and fields from around the world, an approach to food growing and eating that is restorative rather than entropic, diverse rather than monocultural; where experience and communication and, most of all, imagination matter.


Further information and booking here

You can buy the latest edition Dark Mountain; Issue 23 – Dark Kitchen here


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