The Village & The Forest

A night with the Dark Mountain Workshop & Ansuman Biswas

The Village & The Forest is a meeting point on the boundary between worlds. A place where we ask each other to slow down, to resist the rush to action or to answers, to let our eyes adjust to the dark, until maybe we start to catch sight of the faint possibilities lurking out there, beyond the edge of the world as we have known it.

Dark Mountain co-founder Dougald Hine has been working with Riksteatern, Sweden’s national theatre, to create the Dark Mountain Workshop – a gang of artists from within and beyond the stage arts in Sweden gathers around the kinds of questions that Dark Mountain frames.

This is an underworld journey, a search for a new cultural language, capable of reframing the largest questions that the world is facing.

The Village & The Forest is where we open up these conversations and explorations to anyone who wants to join us. This is not the familiar space of performance or debate, but something more intimate and informal, a chance to meet the members of the workshop and our collaborators, and spend time.

Each month, the group is joined by an international guest artist who takes the floor for part of the evening. In November, our guest is Ansuman Biswas, an artist whose work crosses boundaries between science, art and religion. From directing Shakespeare and translating the poetry of Tagore to living with wandering minstrels in India, touring with Björk, running workshops on democracy in a Burmese monastery and spending forty days locked in the tower of a Manchester museum.

With Ansuman’s help, we’ll explore the body as underworld, the reality of our vulnerability as fleshy creatures and the ways in which our cultures have faced or avoided this reality.

Kägelbanan, Stockholm – Monday 9 November 2015 – 18.00-21.00

Tickets cost 80kr and are available through the Södra Teatern website.