Time Beyond Cronos

Talk and discussion with Charlotte Du Cann

‘The times are urgent. Let us slow down’

–  Bayo Akomolafe


We live boxed in linear time, driven by perpetual deadlines, dragged down by the ‘nightmare of history’, haunted by a future of ecological loss and social breakdown. Modern technological lives go too fast to assimilate any kinds of knowledge, or ways of being, outside the 24/7 story of ‘progress’.

How can we sit with this troubled present and connect with the wider cycles of time? How can we build a practice which enables us to compost the dark legacies of the past, and allow other possibilities to reveal themselves?

In this exciting new speaking space in London Charlotte Du Cann will explore the deeper cycles of time – ancestral, mythic, Indigenous time – and the non-linear perception Kairos brings, to break free from Cronos’ tyrannical clock and calendar. What can happen when you make time for your body and imagination to get back in tempo with the living systems of the Earth and sun, from the food we eat to how we make sense of our collective lives, and the turbulent times we live in.

When Kairos enters our Chronos-ruled civilisation, the official story of progress, by which our worth is measured, is shown to bear false promise, you realise there is a place outside the house of history and a road that leads to nowhere we have gone before, yet feels like home.

–  (After Ithaca – Journeys in Deep Time).


Tickets: £5 Kairos members, £10 non-members. Includes vegan food.

Doors open at 6.30pm for drinks, interactive presentation starts at 7pm with a break for a one-pot vegan supper.

Find out more and book via the Kairos website


IMAGE: Time’s Gravity by Meryl McMaster (from Dark Mountain: Issue 16 – REFUGE)


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