When the Mountain Speaks with Us

A five-week online course on relearning the languages of Earth - September 2021

How can we reweave our place back into the living fabric of a sentient Earth? 

Over the last decade, Dark Mountain has held a unique space in which art, story and myth entwine to help us face the realities of a time of ecological unravelling. As the climate crisis and a mass extinction accelerate, it feels urgent that we radically reconfigure the ways we perceive the natural world and our place within it.

This September we are running a new course, hosted by Schumacher College to relearn the languages of Earth that were once understood by all peoples. We will be seeking ways to navigate descent, using the tools of story, myth, plant medicine and natural materials that help root us in place and time. We will be tracking the shift in the year, walking into the liminal spaces of our neighbourhoods, holding a dialogue with the land, and engaging the heart, hands and imaginations of everyone taking part.

Join Dark Mountain guides Charlotte Du Cann, Nick Hunt, Caroline Ross and Mark Watson on this month-long expedition, to forge a co-creative practice that can challenge the dominance of the modern industrial mindset and regain our original kinship with the more-than-human world.

Practical info: this course will involve group discussions, smaller working parties, solo weekly tasks and 1:1 sessions, and culminate in a sharing of creative work at the end of the month. It will provide opportunities for working within a Dark Mountain frame, in-depth conversation with fellow explorers, and a chance to focus on deepening your own practice and core relationship with the planet.

For further details and booking: https://www.dartington.org/event/when-the-mountain-speaks-with-us/

NOTE: This course is now FULLY BOOKED and underway However we will be also teaching a ‘real life’  version of this course at Schumacher College on 16th-2oth May 2022. Registration now open.

Image: Sentience from the series ‘In-Between Worlds’ by Meryl McMaster (Dark Mountain Issue 16 – REFUGE ) Courtesy of the artist and Stephen Bulger Gallery and Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain http://merylmcmaster.com/

  1. I would like to join the waiting list for this course. Can you let me know how to go about doing that? Thanks.

    1. Hello Paul – Thanks for your interest. If you could contact Schumacher Collage (following the link here), they will put you on the list. Best wishes, the Dark Mountain team

  2. Please can you add me to the waiting list for this course. Very sad I’ve missed this as had thought I’d signed up and then realized it hadn’t gone through. Heard about it through Caroline Ross. I wouldn’t be able to do the real life version unfortunately. Crossing my fingers and everything else.
    Warmest regards

    1. Hello Tessa – Thanks for getting in touch. You will need to contact Schumacher College regarding the waiting list, as they deal with all admissions. Best wishes, the Dark Mountain Team


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