Find the Others: Jeppe Graugaard and the Dark Marshes

has been Dark Mountain's editorial assistant, since 2015, and helps to coordinate in person and online events and book launches for the project. She is also responsible for the Find the Others strand. Ava is fascinated with creativity in its rawest and most authentic forms and how we can explore connection and creativity in community, She is the art editor for issue 21
How do we come together and connect, create and discuss the work of Dark Mountain? Find the Others is a new experiment to help readers, followers of and contributors to Dark Mountain find each other in their locality and come together to start discussion and reading groups. Read more about it here:

For this series of podcasts I plan to have conversations with people who have either already set up discussion groups or whom are in the process of doing so with ‘Find the Others’. For the first in the series I spoke to Jeppe Graugaard; a writer, teacher, researcher and sustainability consultant, He set up the Norwich-based ‘Dark Marshes’ group in 2011 when he was writing a PhD thesis at the University of East Anglia, as a case study of the project. You can read his thesis here.

Jeppe now lives in his home country Denmark and works at a Scandinavian folk high school- where people can go for non-formal education in a huge range of subjects. Listen to the podcast for his insights into forming a Dark Mountain discussion group.


If you would like to get in touch with us about ‘Find the Others’ or send thoughts or voice recordings, get in touch with Ava on


Dark Mountain: Issue 15

The Spring 2019 issue is a collection of non-fiction, fiction, poetry and artwork that responds to the ‘age of fire’.


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