Find The Others

Find The Others

Local gatherings organised by Dark Mountain readers

Photo: Jeppe Graugaard

Since 2019, we have been running an experiment to see if we can support readers who want to set up a local group. For now we are pausing acceptance of new requests to be a local contact but you can still contact the existing contacts below.

Ever since we published the Dark Mountain manifesto, we’ve been hearing from people who tell us they feel less alone because they discovered this project. Over the years, we’ve organised festivals, book launches and courses – and we’ve seen the difference it makes to be able to gather face-to-face around the kinds of questions explored in our books.

We’ve also seen local groups set up by readers, friends and contributors, gathered around or inspired by Dark Mountain – and we often hear from people who want to know how they could do this.

So for the last few years we have been seeing if we can help create a network of local gatherings. We’re a small organisation, so there’s a limit to the amount of hands-on support we can offer – but we figured there are a couple of things we could do and this web page was one of them.

First, we can share what people around the Dark Mountain network have learned so far about setting up groups like this.

And then, we can use this site to help you find each other and get together.

*We are currently reviewing this branch of the project and therefore not accepting new listings. Please check back in a few months to see how we have decided to move forward with this — in the meantime do feel free to contact anybody close to you listed below *

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There’s a kindness in spaces like that, a cultivation of hospitable habits of being human together, that we’re likely to need in the years ahead.

England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Local Contact: Anja Byg

I seem to come across Dark Mountain in different contexts, everywhere where the things that really matter are concerned.   I am not wedded to a particular format for a local group but hoping for a space where people can share stories, experiences and reflections, a supportive space that allows for opening up, reflection and exploration, whether in words, thoughts, creations or doings, indoors or outdoors.



Local Contact: Sara Hudston.

I encountered a range of voices who were all writing about the things that mattered to me on the Dark Mountain website. I’d like be part of a group who holds a mix of meeting types dependent on weather, time of day and time of year. They could be practical and outdoors – a walk or a workshop to learn a skill. And they could be indoors too – in a pub or a cafe where it would be easy to just turn up, sit down and someone would start talking to you with the emphasis on ideas and genuine connection.



Local Contact: Betti Moser

I’d like to  initially meet in a café or pub to get to know each other and share our respective Dark Mountain ‘journeys’.  I can imagine we might go on to share walks in the countryside or just get together to talk about some of the texts in the Dark Mountain books that resonated or whatever we collectively come up with.


Dumfries and Galloway

Local Contact: Margaret Elphinstone 

I’d like to be part of a local group to meet initially for ideas and discussion, and maybe share our writing. It would provide solidarity at a time we really need it. The arts are about shifting paradigms; we can’t actually change what we’re doing without them.



Local Contact: Saule Zukaityte

I came across Dark mountain and found it truly interesting and inspiring. It addressed some questions I had and took my own enquiry further and deeper.

I would like to be part of a group of local people wanting to discuss and read some articles from Dark Mountain together, and we could take it from there…



Local Contact: Luke Winter

I’d love to be part of a group that offers a place to listen, a place to speak, a place to share silence, understanding and ideas. Ideally we’d meet in a local library, and keep the gatherings as accessible to all as possible.


Guildford, Surrey

Local Contact: M.E. Rolle

I’m a PhD student in creative writing at the University of Surrey. I hope that in DM, I can find a quiet space in which to enjoy good writing and art, while at the same time being reassured that there were others out there who were also fumbling their way through various stages of grief over what we’re losing. I imagine gatherings would happen at a local coffee shop or similar space, and we would invite new people to talk about their feelings re the future, and what they do to cope. I can’t imagine a gathering of this sort of group where we didn’t share what creative/artistic mechanisms we’re using to express ourselves (sharing the fruits of those mechanisms, as well). I would also like to do mini art/writing exercises in these meetings, if others would be interested in that. I’d love to do quarterly meetings/outings somewhere where we can commune with nature, as well.


Haltwhistle, Northumberland

Local Contact: Elizabeth Watson

Let’s get together to talk about Dark Mountain, related books and projects, and see what comes out of it. We can meet in Haltwhistle or anywhere west of it in Carlisle/Cumbria

Hexham, Northumberland

Local contact: Gibby (Alison) Raine  

 I imagine that a gathering would be an emergent process, perhaps meeting initially in a room in the community centre or similar. Hexham is a little market town and I think it would be vitally important that everyone feels welcome and has something to offer. I would propose that a gathering might include talks about the manifesto,  readings from the anthologies, opportunities for people to contribute, share and connect.


Kendal/South Lakes, Cumbria

Local contact: Steve Freeman

I am a reader and writer who finds the ideas in Dark Mountain strike a strong chord with my own.  I imagine meeting in a pub, say fortnightly, and mainly talking about ideas behind and generated by DM writings, feeding into associated ideas and writings – basically an ideas discussion group. If others are also interested in writing then it could also develop partly into a writing group. Bearing witness to the destruction of the natural world and the breakdown of civilisation through discussions, writings or art helps a communal understanding of what is happening and can provide inspiration of shared thoughts and feelings.


Kingston Upon Thames

Local contact: Caroline Ross

I’m a boat dweller, artist and teacher and student of T’ai Chi. I found Dark Mountain via reading ‘The Wake’ and looking up Paul Kingsnorth. Realised I was a bit late to the party, but joined in anyway by attending Carrying the Fire and several subsequent events. I have since written and made art for the Dark Mountain books, including a cover for Issue 13, and have written for the blog. Met more like-hearted folk than I ever expected to. I would like to be part of gatherings with much tea, good conversation, a hearty welcome, listening to each other’s stories, seeing where it leads. Finding a way together to decide how we’d like to do things.



Local Group coordinated by: Hattie Pierce

Our monthly meet up is a reading and discussion group which looks at Dark Mountain pieces alongside other non-fiction essays, eco-philosophy and a variety of artists’ works. We share ideas and stories, and are very open to where the discussions take us! Meetings are held at Well Projects arts space in Cliftonville.



Local Contact: Gregory Webster

I’m a long-time Dark Mountaineer, in awe of nature, and staggered by the scale of loss the human machine has inflicted upon the web of life within my lifetime.

Given that Oxford saw the launch of the manifesto, it would be great to continue the dialogue here and let local roots grow stronger. I’d be very happy to hear from any others who would like to join me on that journey and create the space for some conversation and creativity.


Sheffield, Yorkshire

The Dark Mountain Thing, hosted by Raven Nielsen

I heard about Dark Mountain from a friend – and the more I learned the more it felt like home. I went to a couple of events (Uncivilisation and Base Camp) and wanted to carry on the sense of connection and curiosity I felt there, so myself and my brother set up an informal monthly meet-up just to chat about Dark Mountain things, maybe spark other projects/events, and to see who else was out there. For announcements about future meet-ups, join our Facebook group.


Wexford, Ireland

Local Contact: Sue Breen

I find stories a very nourishing way to process the grief and fear we are submerged in. I’m also vastly thankful for organisations that are willing to face the truth and process it with beauty and creativity.  I would like to meet with people somewhere warm and inviting, preferably outside by a fire. Maybe begin with an introduction of a relevant topic or someone reading a favourite piece, followed by discussion.



Brno, Czech Republic

Local contact: Tom Smith

My first Dark Mountain essay appeared in Issue 6. I went on to guest edit Dark Mountain: Issue 8 – Technê, and have worked on a number of others since. I’m not sure if there’ll be anyone in these parts to meet up with, but if there is, I would like to be part of an informal reading and discussion group, a space to connect and befriend.


La Fouillade, France

Local contact: Dominic Holman

I hope to find and foster a sense of real community, and rekindled faith in mankind with like-minded people. I would like to be part of a group that feels like a place where people can exist exactly as they are but feel everyone around them has the same core understanding at heart. Sharing ideas and skills and meeting others that want to feel heard and understood.


Dresden & Leipzig, Germany

Local Contact: Francesca Schmidt  

I’d like to create a space for meeting others to talk about the Dark Mountain books and some of the topics spinning off from them.  My idea to get started is to read something from one of the books or maybe a text from the online edition, which we could share our thoughts about. This would be a way of finding common ground and something to talk about, and then we can take it from there.

Kassel, Germany

Local Contact: Lukas Junker
I would like to be part of monthly meeting maybe in a café or outdoors as a picnic. We could discuss bits and pieces we read in the Dark Mountain books and how that resonates with us and see where that goes. Along with good food, time and conversations.


Potsdam and Berlin, Germany

Local Contact: Rebecca Freeth

I contributed a piece to the 15th issue and then attended the book launch in the UK so that I could meet some of the the Dark Mountain community and get a stronger sense of their way of being together. Now I’m ready to find the others here in Potsdam and Berlin. I imagine meeting in different ways. Sometimes to sit and talk together about what we’re reading. Sometimes to tell our stories. Sometimes to walk along the river in companionable silence.


Würzburg, Germany

Local Contact: Dominik Kron

The way of story telling and the topics resonate with something inside me, that feels like there are not only a few others who are on similar routes. The more I read on the Dark Mountain, the more apparent it seems to me, that there might actually be a majority among us who feel the same instincts rising. We are just lacking the words – or non-words – to express it and to connect with each other. I would love to be part of a group that holds story circles; inviting anyone interested to take a seat by the fire (or coffee table, depending on where we meet) and, taking the Dark Mountain art as a foundation, to tell and discuss those stories which help us processing the struggles of today and the worries of tomorrow. But I would also love the group to re-tell their other favorites, almost forgotten stories, or inventing and maybe even writing down our own.

Helsinki, Finland.

Local Contact: Nicholas Webb

I would like to be part of a group that meets to discuss Dark Mountain as a convivial manifestation of resistance against stupidity and an attempt to find new paths out of the current malaise. I envisage initial meetings over a beer in the pub with maybe a longer term plan to set up walking groups and maybe Kayaking trips as a way to “get amongst it”.


Reykjavik, Iceland

Local Contact: Sverrir Norland

I think what I actually like about Dark Mountain is exactly that I can’t quite describe it.  I would like to be part of a group that comes together to form a community in a physical rather then virtual space to explore ideas of collapsology: I think many people these days need to have conversations to deal with destruction and climate change in a creative, realistic, and poetic way, not shying away from the scary questions.


Leiden, the Netherlands

Local group coordinated by: Leonie van der Plas

If you feel inspired by what Dark Mountain is about, I’d love to be in touch with you. We could have a tea somewhere.
And maybe we will invite others and make a fire. Share stories, or art, poetry, music, food, drinks, joy, pain, fun and… whatever humans are up to.


Oslo and Nesodden, Norway

Local contact: Andreas Nordengen

I am a subscriber to the Dark Mountain Books and found out about the project via David Abram’s Alliance for Wild Ethics. I would be interested in forming a group that hosts informal hangouts at a pub/cafe to cultivate relations and share ideas/literature/sense of wonder.


Västerås, Sweden

Local contact: Dougald Hine

I’ve been involved with Dark Mountain since the start – or a bit before the start, you could say. For me, it started with reading a blog post from Paul Kingsnorth where he floated an idea for a publication he wanted to create and asked for help to make it happen. We didn’t know each other, but we were in touch a few times over email and then we started to meet up and talk over a beer. That’s how we ended up writing what became the Dark Mountain manifesto. Roll forward ten years, and I currently live in Västerås, Sweden. I’m in the process of handing on the role I’ve played as part of the team running Dark Mountain, but I’d love to hear from other readers near me – and maybe organise a get-together one night at the Bishop’s Arms or something.


Bern, Switzerland

Local contact: Adrian Demleitner

I came relatively late to Dark Mountain, through an article on Remembrance Day for Lost Species in 2015. I stuck with it because I felt understood and inspired. I imagine a local group where you should feel welcomed, no matter the circumstances. Because, I guess, safe havens are what we need these days. Islands of temporary peace, to rest and bond. If there are topics to be discussed or worked on, those need to arise in the specific local context with the local people. There’s lots to do, but we’re all just humans.




North America

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Local Contact: Michel Anderson.
Finding the Dark Mountain Project has pleasantly (and unpleasantly) spun and reoriented my compass. As an undercover Dark Mountaineer, I do my best to foster similar conversations and ideas in the many public workshops and lectures I give about Baltimore City’s ailing waterways. I would like to help start a small monthly gathering to discuss writing, art, and films that deal with the topics found on the Dark Mountain. I’d also like the meetings to be a space where we can share our own creative output receive feedback (if desired), and perhaps ready submissions to the Dark Mountain books and blog.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Local Contact: Laura Keeth-Rowledge

I would love to host a reading and discussion group, perhaps centred around a dinner or potluck. Part of how humans make sense in this world is through myth making and story-telling and I see Dark Mountain as a beautiful beacon of how to do that in a conscious way. Combining that with one of our most primal needs and earliest communal experiences (making and sharing food) might be a wonderful way to explore these ideas.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 

Local Contact: Rachael Petersen

I would like to be part of a group that creates space to share grief and despair arising from rapidly unravelling ecosystems. We could explore writing as an act of creative resistance against the tyrannical narratives of our time and “rewild” our inner and outer lives through direct experiences in nature.


Central Massachusetts, USA

Local Contact: Judith Haran

I would like to be part of a gathering of people who have come to realize that the future is not what we used to think it would be and that we need to have a place where it’s OK to talk about this to voice our fears and doubts without being judged or shouted down. I imagine it might be held in a local cafe or a library. People would introduce themselves and say a little about what drew them there. Perhaps talk a bit about things they are involved in that mean a lot to them (i.e. as opposed to “work”). I would like the group would of a limited size, and by invitation only, based on interested parties writing a 300 word statement about who they are and why they are interested.


Chapel Hill / Durham North Carolina, USA

Group: Dark Mountain Gathering (NC)

The group began as a few. We’re now up to about thirty  brave souls. We are artists, many permaculture folks, activists, parents and grandparents, and those delightful weirdos in your town you always hoped you could get to come over.

Half Moon Bay, California, USA

Local Contact: Vasa Endicott

I am interested in being part of a group that shares a combination of readings/discussions from Dark Mountain Project writers (and others of that ilk) and time spent in nature – walking, sitting, perhaps an element of ritual.

Sacramento, California, USA

Local Contact: Erin Reschke

Dark Mountain often beautifully expresses the need I (and many of us have) to deeply connect with our place and the beings that we share it with while holding space for our despair and allowing us room to step back from our anthropocentric lens

I would love to bring together a quarterly or monthly forum to discuss, reflect and create from what Dark Mountain has inspired in us.  Meetings could be outdoors on the landscape or indoors in a cozy setting over an art project or tea.  I see the art of Dark Mountain as a foundation for reflection, discussion, instigating relationships with our local place, and sparking our own creative processes.


Harmony, Florida, USA

Local Contact: Kerul Kassel

Dark Mountain fills a need for me, a community of people who are willing to see into what the current state of the world implies to be a dark future.

I would like to be part of a group where we can reconnect with the beyond-human world, and each other, and see where it goes, reading and discussion or creating art or whatever else we collaboratively decide, even it if is to just walk in / commune with nature with others. I am happy to offer a potential venue for a group meeting here:


Bozeman, Montana, USA

Greater Yellowstone Dark Mountaineers

This is a group dedicated to meaningful, in-person gatherings in the Greater Yellowstone area to connect, honor, and create community that acknowledges the realities of life at the end of empire. We are looking for others who feel the squeeze of the times and are interested in crafting a meaningful, artistic response inspired by the Dark Mountain Project.


Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Local Contact: Charles Vane 
I am a subscriber to Dark Mountain and would like to be part of a monthly or biweekly get-together at a local coffee shop, to discuss recent readings. Maybe with a goal of surviving the despair of our era.

Truchas, New Mexico, USA

Local Contact: John Galuska

I’m an educator, farmer, and food activist and  I feel deep kinship, with the voices and perspectives in Dark Mountain. I’m interested in creating opportunities for people living in rural northern New Mexico communities to gather and share ideas related to food, farming, and creativity and what synergies and partnerships we might share with our “urban neighbors”? I’m interested in being part of the spark that helps create and support the space for opportunities for discussions and interactions to begin in this area.

Ithaca, New York:

Local Contact: Diego C. Blanco.

After I discovered Dark Mountain last year during my first year of college it started to feel empowering and radical to speak out against anthropocentrism and the Myth of Progress, and I’ve been with it since.  I would like to be part of a group that provides us an opportunity to talk both about the ideas and stories and artwork already part of Dark Mountain and also for it to be a place in which to come up with our own artwork, stories and ideas. I can bring a few paper copies of some of the books as a place to start the conversation. We might consider meeting on my university campus at a library open to the public or at a cafe in town nearby.

Silver Spring Maryland

Local contact: Stefani Olsen

I would like to be part of a group that meets outdoors somewhere to come together in nature to experience what remains and cherish it. We could start by learning why we are all here, and evolve into sharing theme based poetry, writing, or art.

Brooklyn, New York

Local Contact: Vipul

To me, the Dark Mountain community is composed of people who instinctively find within themselves a deep connection with nature and value it for its own sake, rather than treating it simply as a pastime or a resource to be exploited.  I’d look forward to meeting others in New York who also find the ideas in this community resonant.I think meeting with a small group of others in a casual setting somewhere in Brooklyn—at a cafe, or under a tree in Prospect Park—would provide a much-needed outlet for me. Volunteering with local groups like the Red Hook Community Farm could be a great activity as well, helping us get some of that dirt under our fingernails.


New York City

Local Contact: Robert O. Leaver

I’ve written a few things for Dark Mountain which have ended up in their books. I am a performance artist, writer and musician.  I would like to meet others in my area for walks down by the river, a beer in the local pub or coffee in the cafe. Perhaps we will plot something, or just laugh and tell stories of fear and courage in the face of collapse.

Northwest North Carolina, USA

Local Contact: Matt Miles

I have been contributing written work for both the print and online publications since 2015. I would like to host a gathering at a friend’s bar, Thirsty Souls, in Mount Airy, North Carolina. We would meet up for beers and pizza there on a monthly basis maybe and discuss significant recent DM publications or events, especially in relation to current geopolitical, environmental, or social developments.

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Local Contact: Janet Dowell, (from July, 2019)

I really connect with the Manifesto & purpose(s) of Dark Mountain.  I would like to initially hold meetings outside (unless it’s deep winter) and ask people to leave cell phones in their cars or turned off. I think there’s great value in being able to just talk with others who have already faced the truth of the situation we are all in, and whom seek a way to live within that framework. Where do we go from there? Well, I think that’s something we all have to figure out going forward.


 Willamette Valley, Oregon

Group contact: Maria Johnson
We hold a small virtual gathering once a month with folks from across the Willamette Valley to share reflections on Dark Mountain, connect to place and each other, and muse on the ideas, questions, and feelings we’re carrying. The group and our process is ever-evolving ~ we welcome others in the region to join in the conversation.

Local Contact: Beau Vandendolder

I am a visual artist and writer and would like to be part of a simple discussion group, meeting at someone’s home or a cafe to share ideas, reflect on and discuss readings, and perhaps share about arts and skills.  


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Local Contact: Justin Greenfield 
I would like to be part of a Dark Mountain reading group with a focus on creating a place for reflection on predicament and the yet unknown, rather than planning and action.  The individuation process of becoming whole is inner work and accommodation of loss and grief is a part of this.

Lubbock, Texas, USA

Local Contact: Ian Wilkinson

I am an IT professional, part-time writer and musician. I would like to be part of a Dark Mountain reading and discussion group in Lubbock with people who have a need to express their reaction to Global Climate changes through writing, music, and art. It is a small city, so people who attend one of these events would likely encounter people they are already acquainted with through other artistic or progressive organizations.  

San Juan County, Washington, USA

Local contact: Elisabeth R

I find Dark Mountain incredibly comforting: knowing there are other people out there who feel as I do and I’m not alone. Most people want to stay safely in their realms of delusional optimism, which I find incredibly depressing.

I like the idea of picking one or a few pieces to read/view and respond to, and then getting together to discuss what comes up for us as we discuss.

Southern Vermont, USA 

Local Contact: Candace Jensen 

I would love to meet to discuss the writing and art that grace Dark Mountain’s pages maybe in the local bookstore or library. We can hopefully create some sense of community and together maybe even make something with our hands.


Toronto, Canada

Local Contact: Eric Boyd

For me the appeal of the Dark Mountain has always been the possibility of finding new stories that allow us to re-orient ourselves and our world. I envision a fairly irregular meeting where like minded people can gather to share conversations about the dark mountain- everything from story-telling to book readings to parties to workshops are possible.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Local Contact: Lo Baker

I’m imagining a very easy gathering – drinks at a pub where ideas might get bounced around with some like-minded people. We might discuss recent events and our emotional response to them, small environmental or natural things that we’ve minded lately or talk about our favorite wild or wild-seeming places. It would be a space held for those maybe feeling vulnerable in such times, for people who may want someplace to laugh or grieve or recite a poem they wrote, all over a pint.


Johannesburg, South Africa

Local Contact: Daniel Rathbone

I would like to be part of a group of like-minded people who discuss ideas and create and collaborate on reading groups and workshops. I would also like the group to offer previous editions of the books as loans (as a library of sorts). We would be able to come and discuss what it is about Dark Mountain that excites us, and find access to people and materials that allow us all to develop our interests.



Local Contact: Joe Goh

The Dark Mountain manifesto felt like a healing salve and helped me face the reality of the situation when I felt lost. I would like to be part of a group where we have some tea and talk about coping with what’s happening in Singapore. There would be copies of the manifesto available for people new to it all to read.



Christchurch, New Zealand

Local Contact: Siana Fitzjohn

Kia Ora, I was introduced to Dark Mountain by a friend three years ago. I found company amongst the chaos and in the dark, and have felt a connection and loyalty to the project ever since. I imagine local gatherings taking place initially in town in a back garden, a potluck dinner with candles and lanterns, chats about the Dark Mountain project and how it has weaved into our journeys, a reading or two, a discussion about what we may want to do as a group, and any joint writing or art projects we might want to work on together. Aotearoa has its own Dark Mountains, Rivers and Oceans, whose depths I long to explore in good company. Aroha Nui.


Dark Mountain: Issue 21

Our Spring 2022 issue is an anthology of non-fiction, fiction, poetry and artwork that revolves around the theme of confluence