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One of the most rewarding responses we get from people who have just discovered Dark Mountain is, ‘I feel less alone.’ It’s a response that those of us involved in running this project recognise, because it was the experience most of us had when we first met.

Over the years, we’ve tried to find ways to make it possible for you to meet each other. The main thing we’ve learned is that nothing beats getting together in the flesh. Online networks so easily descend into bad-tempered debate or just dead spaces.

Still, the world is wide and we know that many of you discover this project late at night by the glow of a laptop screen. So we will go on keeping an eye out for ways to help you connect, even if you can’t find a Dark Mountain event near you.

Right now, the most active pocket of social media activity seems to be around our Facebook page. We do have a Twitter account – but it mainly gets used for sharing links, so don’t expect too much 140-character interaction.

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