Dark Mountain: Issue 18 – FABULA audio stories


To mark our special issue of uncivilised fiction, we asked eight contributors to Dark Mountain: Issue 18 – FABULA to record audio versions of their stories in the book.

You can listen to them below. We hope you enjoy.



Three Buzzing Boys
by Julia Blackburn

by Luke Winter

The Gramarye
by Kirsty Logan

by Micheál Mac Gearailt


Armadillo, Constant Comment and Rabbits
by Kim Goldberg

Killing Snakes
by Conrad Schumaker

Meeting Jeff Bezos
by Siana Fitzjohn

For Whom It Should Remain Silent
by Eric Robertson


Top image: Detail from FABULA cover, Arial (sinking), American Garamond
© Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press

Neurone illustrations: Bethan McFadden