Mythos and Logos: A Dark Mountain Talk

is the co-founder of the Dark Mountain Project, of which he was director from 2009-2017, He is the author of nine books - three novels, two poetry collections and four works of non-fiction - all of which, it turns out, tell the same story: how we walked away from the wild world, and how we might get home again, if we can. He runs the Wyrd School which teaches wild writing and art and lives in the west of Ireland.

This a recording of a talk I gave last week at University College Falmouth. The 35-minute talk was given nearly three years on from the launch of the project, so it was a good opportunity for me to try and zoom in on what we’ve achieved and where we hope to go next, and to focus in on some of the key ideas we work with. I hope it will act as a good introduction to Dark Mountain’s aims and its history, particularly for anyone who is new to what we do.



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