Dark Mountain: Issue 14 (PDF)


The Autumn 2018 issue is a collection of essays, fiction, poetry and artwork charting a world in radical shift.


This is a PDF download of Dark Mountain: Issue 14

Our fourteenth issue charts a world in a state of radical shift. As rising sea levels alter the outlines of continents, as islands, forests and ice caps vanish and deserts and urban edgelands spread, as landmarks familiar for thousands of years are literally wiped off the map, 60 artists and writers across six continents come together to find a way home and a direction onward.

Our point of departure is the call made in the Dark Mountain manifesto to celebrate work rooted in time and place. It asks whether such rootedness possible in an age of hypermobility, when vapour trails score new tracks across the sky – and against the backdrop of mass migration caused by war, political repression and climate breakdown? In a global monoculture is it possible to retain our vernacular? What corners of terra claim our hearts’ allegiance?

In looking for answers the book follows the tracks not only of humans – travellers, migrants, pilgrims and refugees – but also of eel and reindeer, mitochondria and microfibres. The journey of TERRA begins and ends in fire, with a story about creation in Indonesia and another about the end times in Guatemala. In between, we cross borders and volcanic plateaus, slate valleys and African cities, Icelandic glaciers and Russian Arctic tundra. We stand by olive trees in Palestine and threatened street trees in Delhi, make our home in an old mill in Cumbria and in a tipi on an oil protest site in North Dakota as the snow falls. We climb stormy mountains in Japan, cross the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, leave Damascus and London, arrive in Beijing and Berlin, get lost in the Australian outback, find ourselves on a farm in Canada, trek barefoot down arroyos in New Mexico, sleep on a truck in Ethiopia and under the stars in a cave in the Scottish Highlands.The narratives you will encounter in this book are not placeless abstractions or armchair philosophy but a collection from the field, telling many different stories of diaspora and descent.

A pocketbook and a map for travellers meeting in troubled times, exchanging tales to help us navigate this new and ancient terra and know that we do not face the future alone.

Dark Mountain: Issue 14 TERRA is edited by Nancy Campbell, Charlotte Du Cann and Nick Hunt. A number of pieces were also commissioned and edited by three ‘scouts’: Sarah Thomas, Daniel Nakanishi-Chalwin and Akshay Ahuja.

Writers: Amy Heneveld, Nick Hunt, Oana Sanziana, Andri Snær Magnason, Julia Loginova, Nancy Campbell, Owen Martel, Andrew Blanchflower, Charlotte Du Cann, Mary Paterson, Reem Karssli and Caroline Williams, Mike Hembury, Imogen Rogerson-Costello, Daniel Rathbone, Ekow Manuar, Sara Moon, Juman Simaan, Monique Besten, Christos Galanis, Sara Hudston, Daniel Nakanishi-Chalwin, Harvye Hodja, Georgia Angus Dougie Strang, Kayne Coy Kim Schnuelle, Sarah Thomas, Stephen Collis, Camilla Bostock, Emily Freeman-Lavoie, Sharon Stevens, Jonathan Williams, Dion Dobrzynski, Samantha M. Harvey.

Artists: David Ellingsen, Jason Reed, Juhi Saklani, Rik Rawlings, Colin Bushell, Peter Metelerkamp, Rhiannon Campbell, Christos Galanis, Liz Tecca, Anne Campbell, Tom Baskeyfield and Mario Popham, Christine Morris, Jennifer Brant, Matthew White, Adam Thorman, Lotte Scot, Tom Pow. Amory Abbott.

Maps: Christian Thompson, Michael Whittle Raimundo Gunen and Amets Ibiak, Tom Pow, Leya Tess, Tom Baskeyfield, Amory Abbott, Micha Bandini, Bruce Hooke.

Cover: Jenny Arran

Dark Mountain: Issue 14 is a hardback book,  302 pages long with folded map, printed on FSC-certified paper.

ISBN 978-0-9955402-4-8