Eight Fires: The Spring Sessions


Four sessions on maintaining a creative collaborative practice during the year, inspired by our new autumn issue Eight Fires, focused on the crossover days around spring equinox



Four gatherings on Saturdays 9th, 16th 23rd and 30th March 2024, 4–5:30pm GMT. 

Find out how to maintain this collaborative practice during the year, inspired by our new handbook  Dark Mountain: Issue 24 Eight Fires. 

Following on from our successful Winter Sessions these spring equinox gatherings aim to strengthen the connections between people and places and to co-create a culture that can both weather the storm of current crises and work in relationship with the more-than-human world.

As well as sharing tools and practices and discussion with fellow explorers, these sessions are an invitation to create a piece of work within the dynamic time-frame of the spring equinox.

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are open to all those wishing to explore the main themes of our current issue. If your copy of the book has not arrived by the time of these sessions, please read the online promotional posts here.

Deadline for applications: Monday 4th March

A Zoom link for the four sessions will be sent two days before they take place.

About the sessions

Session 1 (9th March) Introduction: what are the Eight Fires, what is an embodied practice?
Kinship and territory
Forging Relationships with the Plant World with Mark Watson
Making a bridge between plants and humans
(Please bring an object from your chosen territory to introduce yourself)

Session 2: (16th March) Gathering Material
Exploring Earth-based myth and making
The Made and the Unmade, with Caroline Ross
Working with voice and hands to create ceremony


Session 3 (23rd March) Show
Exchanging fire encounters and sharing the work created during the spring equinox crossover time.
Celebration and feedback.

Session 4: (30th March) Practice
Developing a solo and community practice for the year
Waterkeeping, with Lucy Neal
Gifting your creative work to the human and more-than-human world.

These sessions will be hosted by Charlotte Du Cann.

Practical information

The course comprises four 1 1/2 hour group Zoom sessions, with time for solo walks/encounters and a creative task during the month. It will include exercises and discussion and provide opportunities for:

  • Working within a Dark Mountain frame

  • In-depth conversation with fellow practitioners, writers and artists

  • Deepening your practice with tools and practices from the book

  • Finding out how to host similar gatherings during the year

  • Exploring a core relationship with a wild or feral place near where you live

What you need to bring:

  • A notebook

  • (for first session) A natural object from your chosen territory to introduce yourself and the place you are working with

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dark Mountain: Issue 24 – Eight Fires can be bought from our online shop here