Dark Mountain: Issue 4 (PDF)

Nick is the author of three books about walking and Europe, the most recent of which is Outlandish, a work of gonzo ornithology, The Parakeeting of London, and a collection of short fiction, Loss Soup and Other Stories. He works as an editor and co-director for the Dark Mountain Project, and has contributed short stories and essays to many of its issues. Red Smoking Mirror is his debut novel.


The Summer 2013 issue is a collection of writing and artwork telling ‘post-cautionary tales’.


This is a PDF download of Dark Mountain: Issue 4.

Post-cautionary tales are what this fourth collection of Dark Mountain writing seeks to offer up. That is to say, tales which do not seek to avert crisis or radical change, but which acknowledge that we are already living through those things and that we are going to have to deal with the consequences. Once we accept that, we do not ask ourselves how writing and art may be hitched to a campaign, but rather how it can reflect realities which are far too seldom engaged with our culture today.

From Mexican thinker Gustavo Esteva’s questions about the meaning of ‘development’ to the loss and change experienced in the Adivasi communities of Bastar, India, as ‘progress’ rolls through; from the slopes of a Hawaiian volcano to a cairn for extinct species on the Sussex downs; from a bottled witch to a diagnosis of dyslexia, the essays, stories, poems, conversations and reflections in this book dig deep into a future that is already here; a tide which none of us created, but upon which we are all being borne.

This issue includes contributions from:

Sara Andreasson, Scott Ahlf, Dougald Hine and Gustavo Esteva, Anita Hunt, Paul Kingsnorth, Cody Meyocks, Narendra, Roselle Angwin, Mike Edwards, William Haas, Matthew Landkammer, Ric A. Ohge, George Brooks, Tim Fox, David Kopaska-Merkel, Charmain Leung, Jake Moran, Joanna Varawa, Jean Hess, Cal Kinnear, Andro Kristian, Stefanie Maclin, Elizabeth Rimmer, Romie Stott, Em Strang, Bruce Conkle and Marne Lucas, James Cowan, Dr David Fleming, Charles Foster, Sophie McKeand, Nina Pick, Dan Porter, J.D. Smith, Jake Weigel, Steve Wheeler and John Zerzan, Margaret Elphinstone, Sophie Mason, John Rember, Susan Richardson, Susanne Peterman (translating Rainer Maria Rilke), Amir Naaman, Frances Cannon, Virginia Mohlere, Adrienne Odasso, Eleanor O’Hanlon, Mario Petrucci, Eric Robertson, Ben Weaver, Sheryl L. Bielewski, Christina Bodznik, Robbie Breadon, Laura Brown-Lavoie, Rachel King, Andreas Kornevall, Sylvia Linsteadt and Rima Staines, Alex Lusted, Paul O’Connor.

As with all Dark Mountain books, you will find essays and stories, conversations and poems, the intellectual, the visionary and the earthily-grounded.

This issue’s cover is the work of Kit Boyd.